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To pay for any surgical procedure you can perform it effortlessly and safely through different electronic platforms. For your security and peace of mind, we have several online payment options with PayPal®, Zelle®Venmo®, and United Credit®.

We are able to accept all major credit cards via PayPal. For more information about other forms of payments, do not hesitate to call our patient coordinators or contact our office at (855) 372-2592 to clarify all of your doubts, and we will find out how to make this a reality for you.


We have selected PayPal® to process our payments online. It is the world’s leading online payment processor and one of the safest ways to do so. Also, we are happy to accept all major credit cards through this platform, just hit the link button above. As a result, the online payment method will take you to the secure PayPal® website. If you need more information about online payments and transfers, click on the link for more answers.


To send funds, please use this email:

We also accept Zelle® (no fee) to process online payments. Zelle® is one of the most secure ways to send funds instantly and directly to us. Most U.S. banks and credit unions now offer Zelle®. After you’ve enrolled, log in to your bank account, look for “Send money with Zelle”, simply add your recipient’s email address or U.S. mobile phone number, the amount you’d like to send, review and add a memo, then hit “confirm”. If you need to know about how to use Zelle®, click on the link for more information.


To send funds, please use this account:

Additionally, we may accept Venmo® to process your online payments. Venmo® is owned by PayPal® and is part of PayPal’s larger family of brands. This allows you to quickly send and receive money only in the United States and is only compatible with US-based bank accounts and phone numbers. If you need to know more about how it works, click on the link for more information.


United Credit® connects consumers like you with loan options to help you secure funding for the major purchases in your life. An easy application that only takes a few minutes to complete a simple online application, accesses multiple financing options with affordable interest rates and payment terms, fast approval where you’ll receive a response from our lender network the same business day, and an affordable financing payment plan that fits your needs and your budget. If you need to know about United Credit®, click on the link for more information.

We are dedicated to providing quality, caring service and aim to keep our fees as reasonable as possible. At your initial consultation, you will be provided with a detailed quotation tailored to your individual requests and requirements. Thank you for selecting Dr. Isabel Balza’s practice to feel great and look fantastic!

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