Crossing The Border

The border between Mexico and the United States is the most frequently crossed border in the world, with approximately 350 million crossings documented annually. It is the tenth longest border between two countries in the world.

However, crossing the border is an easy and safe task. From “San Diego International Airport”, the trip is less than 35 minutes. For all international travelers, there are some important considerations to keep in mind when you’re going to cross the border.

Traveling to Mexico from the United States

Important Considerations

  • The Mexican government cannot allow U.S. citizens who drive or walk into Mexico to enter the country at land border crossings if they do not have a U.S. passport book or card. In other words, always carry your valid U.S. passport with you.
  • U.S. driver’s licenses are valid in Mexico. Mexican law requires that only owners drive their vehicles or that the owner is inside the vehicle. If you are driving, as a general rule, drive defensively. Getting to the clinic is easy.
  • Returning to the U.S. takes time. Prepare to spend an hour or so at the border before crossing. Time flies, it really isn’t that bad!


VIP Service

Whether you want to cross the border for a routine checkup with Dr. Isabel Balza, continue any treatment, or undergo scheduled surgery, we are here to assist you.

One of our extra services is transportation from the “San Diego International Airport” to the CER Hospital and also roundtrip from the hospital to the airport arranged for a fee. Upon arrival, we will be waiting to escort you to our office and your private suite. In this way, you must make an appointment directly with one of our patient coordinators to provide you with all the necessary details for the day of your arrival.

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